Nuqood Advisory Board




The role of the Advisory Board is to provide independent strategic advice to the Nuqood Investment Managers team. The Board provides advice on and a review of our responsible investment and shareholder activism initiatives, documentation and reporting. Its role is to ensure that we align ourselves with best international and local practice with respect to Responsible Investment and company engagement.

Nuqood Investment Managers have an Independent Advisory Board who will meet formally on a regular basis as well as ongoing interaction with various Board members where specific input are requested on our Responsible Investment initiatives. This is a further differentiator for the firm.


Members of the Independent Advisory Board

The board comprises individuals who offer experience and credibility, both locally and internationally, in their ability to assess and evaluate environmental, social, labour, empowerment, ethical, corporate governance and disclosure issues. Members are independent of Nuqood Investment Managers and membership is in an individual capacity. Members are paid a service fee for carrying out their responsibilities. Members keep Nuqood Investment Managers informed of involvements that may lead to potential conflicts of interest headed by Sh. Seraj Hendricks.


Nuqood advisor fees

A service fee will be allocated to participating Advisors while carrying out their responsibilities.


Accreditation process

We recommend that financial advisors wishing to invest in Nuqood Investment Managers' funds on behalf of their clients should complete the accreditation process.  This enhances the advisor's knowledge of the technical aspects of the funds offered by Nuqood/Elementim Investment Managers and their appropriate application.






Professional Program for Development is defined as "the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills necessary for the execution of professional, managerial and technical duties throughout a member's career.

PPD plays a vital role in the Financial Professional Individualís pursuit of on-going professional competence.

The PPD requirement serves the public interest by assuring the public that members of the FPI are professionals who are dedicated and who are staying abreast of changes in a rapidly changing field.

The international Continued Professional Development board of standards requires that CFP professionals adhere to the continued professional development requirement.


All Current and New Staff members will have to adhere to the PPD program and the South African Finance and Labour Law relative to Banking Standards




Corporate Social Investment


Social Responsibility is an important part of Nuqood's ethos and we have been involved in a number of initiatives, both as a company and in our individual capacities. In 2001 we decided to consolidate our efforts (which has been running for 18 years) to increase our Corporate Social Involvement.

We believe that it is important to give back to communities, and our focus has been geared towards education and those who serve the underprivileged communities.

Our aim is to assist and empower the establishments that unconditionally serve the communities that are in need.

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