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The Entrepreneurs


Our (Acting) Chairman, Mr Joe Emeran (Independent Member) of the Nuqood Holdings Board hails from a multi faceted senior business environment, e.g. President of various business chambers, Municipalities and Government structures.

Our Company Secretary, Mr Ebrahim Galant hails from a banking back ground which goes back some 30 years, first as a local basic bank employee and improved his status to management level and the restructuring of bank systems for the Nedbank Group

Mr Rushdi Raja, head of our Auditing department hales from a master business administration sector and has been awarded business of the year status on many occasions.

Our strengths lie in our Ms Nariman Salie (Business Administration) and her vibrant Portfolio Managerís Department headed by the experienced Mr A. (Bakka) Saban (Marketing Director), previously of Old Mutual, Cape Town.

Our products department headed by Mr Hanief Parker, (Entrepreneur, Business Consultant , President of the African Union Community Development Forum)† who is backed by TransAct24 Virtual Banking Companyís Mr Cliffie Heredien and Element Investments Dr Anwah Nagia, gives us a lot of support structures which can be used by other financial institutions, as well as our clients and the public at large.

Our Supervisory and Advisory Board will be managed by our Portfolio Manager, Mr G. Hendricks (COO) (N.Dip Eng, B.Sc Electro Mechanics Motorola, Security and Safety Management, Renewable Energy Engineering and a student at the Azzawia Mosque Institute pursuing studies in Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic Language, Mantiq (Islamic Logic), Usul ul Fiqh and in association with Element Investment Managers headed by Dr Anwah Nagia and Sheigh Seraj Hendricks as advisors. Sheigh Seraj is the Senior Compliant Business Director of the Nuqood structure.

Our legal department is headed by Mr Zaheer Badrudeen (BA. LLB), who emanates from a well established legal background as a practicing Lawyer..


Nuqood Holdings