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Syn Gas

             The process that the sign gas Reactor follows can briefly be described as follows:

Waste (municipal dump waste) is fed into the reactor

By means of Oxidation and Pyrolisis the feedstock is broken down

This gives rise to 4 fundamental outcomes”

Formation of Tar

Formation of Gas

Generation of Electricity

Surage problem addressed

The process in the reactor creates excessive heat around the gas as a result of the process, together with the application of thermo cracking, makes it possible to break down the tar into fuels that can, after necessary treatment be sold as, diesel or LPG gas.

The formation of producer gas is used to power the 200KW generator

The generation of electricity makes it possible to channel the said electricity back into the system. (grid)

After the whole process is completed the surage problem is addressed.

The idea is to build the complete system into a mobile unit so as to be able to relocate to where necessary. This will also assist smaller communities to be self sustainable with regard to waste management as well as the supply of electricity.

The Syn Gas Reactor thus posses not only the possibility of an environmentally friendly, self sustaining unit but also generates 3 different income streams.


Multi Fuel Technology – Closed Loop System


This technology allows for the production of multi fuel by means of processing plastic. The plant can be self sustaining, meaning that the by-products from the process can be channelled back into the system thus allowing the plant to sustain itself in the production process.

The plant will be a mobile type thus allowing it to be utilized where needed. The feedstock used in the process of producing fuel is plastics thus assisting pollution problems of plastic waste. Job creation is possible in allowing different sectors in the community (eg. Unemployed, scholars etc) to clean the areas they in and sell the plastic waste to the Multi Fuel site on a per kg basis. The beauty of this invention is it can,-

create lots of job opportunities

address the problem of plastic pollution

allow communities to produce their own multifuel, eg.(diesel or paraffin)

a decline in the carbon footprint as we have a virtually zero carbon emission.


Desalination and Purification Systems


Our technology allows for Seawater, Borehole, River and Mine Waters can be purified to potable, drinking water subject to the waste discharge not being toxic. As dumping toxic waste is a problem. These plants can be built as a mobile unit allowing for the utilization where needed. Potable drinking water being an extremely important commodity to the human, and with an ever increasing pressure on our natural resources, our desalination or purification systems is a very important product in this world today..


Our design includes a stand alone water pump to propel or jet water into a “pressure tested” cylinder which houses an Impeller, The impeller is attached to the centre shaft which is attached to the pole wheel of the generator which produces energy. The power generated by the turbine can be stored in batteries via a voltage regulator, then to a Dc to AC convertor and into a house grid and/or off grid facility

The stand alone solar pump via a regulator to a battery/s to pump water through a jet valve system to propel the Impeller.

Our basic starter Units comprise of a Solar Panel, Regulator and Battery, 12volt DC to 230volt AC Inverter to support one or two bedroom houses, micro businesses support structures for farmers., etc

Products Manufactured, Supplied, Installed and Commissioned at affordable prices

Solar Systems, designed to suit your needs, off grid or stand alone, grid tie systems supplied and installed.

Water Desalination, Purification and Multi Fuel Plants manufactured to the clients requirements

Full support to the sustainable Eco Village Concept


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Pricing/Quotes are determined by the client’s need and raw water source for purification and desalination

Multi Fuel plants designed to produce 1 litre of fuel from 1 kg of waste plastic or s/h tyres, plant designs from 60,000 ltrs per month and more


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