To provide our business partners with an end to end Virtual Banking structure which includes, Internet, Mobile and Real Time Solutions, by incorporating the digital realities of today’s marketplace with secure cutting edge and emerging technologies.

Our growth and development program consists of public, private and/or larger company participation in shareholding within our role out plan.


To provide assistance in improving quality and equality of quality, finance and education is perhaps the most important development task confronting any nation.

Estimates of the sources of national wealth for countries such as South Africa tell us that the wealth embodied in human beings in the form of skills and knowledge is about 65% of the national wealth, surpassing in importance the value of both natural resources and physical infrastructure.”

The weight of knowledge and skills is such that it tends to determine the fate of overall wealth. Thus, if that aspect of wealth represented by the skills and knowledge of our people does not grow, the nation’s wealth will not grow. If that aspect of wealth represented by the skills and knowledge of our people is distributed badly, the nation’s wealth will be distributed badly.

And if this happens, we will not have fulfilled our mission. In the process of ensuring that quality and the equality of that quality both increase, our systems of resourcing and resource tracking assume a very high level of significance. Furthermore, high quality education and finance, equally distributed, is one of the most effective and least conflictive ways of transforming a society. If we fail to use education and finance to transform our society, for example paying sufficient attention to the distribution of quality, we will have been guilty of not using one of the most powerful levers a society can use, and of having let go of a golden opportunity.


Nuqood Holdings is an independent owner managed South African new business trading as a Ltd company.

Our partners and managers vast experience in I T, Real Time Technologies and Banking give us an edge in sustainable banking product development structures.

Our Directors boasts 40 years experience in the financial fraternity and 30 years in engineering, security, water purification and renewable energy respectively.

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